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Choosing Adoption For Your Baby

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be difficult and emotional. I so wish I could somehow personally reach out and hug

10 Questions to Ask

10 Questions to ask if adoption is right for you: Adoptive parents will tell you that choosing to adopt a

7 Things Your Neighbor Who Just Adopted Wants You to Know (But Won’t Tell You)

Your friends down the street just adopted. Now what? There are many ways to support a new adoptive family. Here,

Six Things Adoption Has Taught Me

Just six things adoption taught me: To read the full article, click here.

Indiana Adoption Birth Certificates

Measure would allow adoptees born between 1941 and 1994 to access their birth records. Adoptees born between 1941 and 1994

He May Be Spoiled – Gus Robertson

Jules Augustus Robertson is adjusting well to life with his famous family! Duck Dynasty stars Jep and Jessica Robertson introduced

Adopting JiaJia

Beijing, China (CNN)Brian and Jeri Wilson don’t sleep much on the 17-hour flight from Kansas City to Beijing. JiaJia, the

Adopting a Toddler

Toddler Adoption: Naively self-confident, my husband and I adopted a young child who had experienced severe neglect and many disruptions

Why the #ShoutYourAbortion Campaign Keeps Me Up At Night

I’m going to be real for a minute. #ShoutYourAbortion makes me want to throw up.  As soon as I saw

Birth Parent Gifts

I remember my mom keeping a whole portfolio of my art as a child and it is so awesome to

Reunited: eBook

Nineteen remarkable people share their own experiences of search and reunion, explaining the process and experience of finding birth family

Songs for the Adoption Wait

I think we’ve all had times in our life that a specific song or songs speak to us. You might

I Did Not Give Up My Baby

Hi. My name is Sierra and I am a birth mom. I placed my birth son for adoption almost eight

Kyle XY Star Matt Dallas Adopts 2-Year-Old

It’ll be an extra happy holiday for Matt Dallas: He’s a dad! The former Kyle XY star and husband Blue Hamilton have

Adoptive Mom Trying to Find Son’s Birth Parents Before He Goes Blind

The adoptive mom has traveled halfway around the world to introduce her 3-year-old son to his birth parents, before it’s

10 Things Adoptees Want You to Know

I was adopted as an infant, during a time when adoption was still shrouded in secrecy. My birthmother kept her

Foster Adoption Champions

Foster and Adoption Champions: Lara and Emkay Bosque waited 13 years before starting their family for a bunch of reasons.

Birth Parents Reunited

Birth Parents Reunited: For Patrick Giblin’s birth parents, love looks more like a full circle rather than a heart. They

The Truth About Getting Pregnant After Adoption

Please stop saying “You’ll get pregnant after you adopt.” It’s not true. And it’s hurtful. When my husband and I

International Adoption Costs

Costs associated with adopting internationally can vary wildly depending on a lot of factors. Here’s a quick guide to give

17 Celebrities Who Have Adopted Children

17 Celebrities Who Have Adopted Children To see the full list, click here.

“The Guncles” Open Adoption

Since this is our first time blogging for Parenting.com, we’ll start off with a little introduction. We’re Bill Horn and

To the Childless Mother on Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day approached during the first year I was a mother, I was absolutely pumped. It was Christmas-morning excitement.

5 Year Adoption Wait

Long Adoption Wait. After 5 years of failed attempts, Minnesota couple gets to adopt. After five years of waiting and

Open Adoption Experience

Open Adoption Experience: Two leading experts provide an authoritative and reassuring guide to the issues and concerns of adoptive and

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