Adoption Info

Adoption Info: More than 100,000 children in the US Foster Care are waiting to be adopted. To see the original

Who are the adopted children?

Adopted Children: For children in foster care available for adoption, and for whom no adoptive family has been identified, the

Adoption Mythbusters

There are so many myths about adoption, so we want to clear some of them up. “ADOPTION MYTHBUSTERS” tackles the

10 Ways to Help a Foster Child

Foster your way. 10 ways to help a foster child. To view the original image, click here.

How Foster Care Works

If you’re new to the world of foster care, the prospect of becoming a foster parent can be pretty intimidating.

Journey Through Foster Care

This is extremely helpful to use with first time foster children and their families, (foster or otherwise). To view the

International Snapshot

International Adoption Infographic To view the original image, click here.

How To Write An Adoption Profile In 9 Easy Steps

Writing an adoption profile isn’t easy. It’s hard to know what to put in and what to leave out. To

Adoption in America

Since 1990, adoption rates in the United States have gradually risen. Data shows a 15% increase in the past 10

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