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2016 Adoption Goals

Whether it is losing weight, spending time with family, cleaning out your closet, quitting a bad habit, traveling more, or

Birth Parent Gifts

I remember my mom keeping a whole portfolio of my art as a child and it is so awesome to

17 Shocking Things About Adoption

17 Shocking Things Everyone Should Know About Adoption You must have a certain BMI to adopt from Korea. What the what?!

Photographer Captured Adoptive Couple’s First Meeting with Child

Plenty of photographers are there to document a baby’s birth – but one recently got to capture the touching moment

Best Adoption Story-lines on TV

On Modern Family, Cam and Mitch adopted Lily from Vietnam. And a couple of seasons ago, they talked about potentially

Celebrities Who Have Adopted

Babies come into homes in many different ways, and Hollywood homes are no different. Some are born at home, some

Adopting from Foster Care Guide

There are over 400,000 foster care children in the United States currently in the foster care system. Of these foster

Surviving Your Home Study Guide

Tips from an adoption social worker and adoptive dad. So, you’ve decided you want to adopt. Congratulations! You’re at the

Our Placement Story

Every adoption is different, and so is every placement. Here is our placement story from my point of view as

How To Adopt A Child Guide

Welcome to the adoption world! Adopting a child and becoming part of the adoption community will change your life forever.

35 Photos Of Adopted Siblings That Show Family Is About Love, Not DNA

Many parents who have adopted find that people sometimes ask, “Are your kids real siblings?” In honor of Adoption Awareness Month,

How to Adopt a Baby Guide

You’re thinking about adopting a baby here in the U.S. In the adoption world, adopting a baby is called “Domestic

21 Love-Filled Photos Of Adoptive Families Coming Together

Today marks the last day of National Adoption Month, a time to let families who grew through adoption share their

Search and Reunion Guide

The decision to take an adoption reunion journey is a big step!  It is a search that can be full

The International Adoption Guide

So you’re thinking about adopting a child from another country?  Wonderful!  International adoption can bring huge amounts of joy and

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